Monday, 30 March 2015

Communist Party of Britain to contest Tamesides` Audendshaw Ward in May Elections

Stockport Senior Registered Nurse, Paul Ward, will contest the Audenshaw Ward for the Communist Party of Britain in this May's local elections.

Paul will call upon Audenshaw and Tameside voters to demand that Droylesden candidate, Council Leader Keiran Quinn & Tamesides` ruling Labour Group immediately withdraw all support for `DevoManc`, Chancellor George Osbornes' backroom deal with Greater Manchester Combined Authority for a Greater Manchester `City Region` with an appointed US style Mayor.

Instead, Paul will call upon Tameside`s Labour Group to demand & fight for a Peoples Devolution to ;-

- Devolve tax & spend and investment powers away from the Whitehall/Bank of England/ `City of London` big money axis, to democratic English Regional Assemblies & development bodies.

- For investment in sustainable manufacturing growth technologies & services

- an end to the low pay, zero hours, casualised economy.

- for big investment in public housing, providing affordable homes for all and the regulation of private renting.

- for a fully funded, high quality NHS with a Local Authoity integrated health & social care system.

- for an inclusive, non-selective, equally funded, Local Authority controlled education, delivered by professionally qualified teachers.

- for the elimination of poverty.

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