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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Communist Party of Britain, Greater Manchester Branch Statement on the Manchester Gorton By-Election

Communists advise our supporters and other progressive people in Gorton to vote Labour in the forthcoming by-election, brought about by the death of Gerald Kaufman.

In line with our programme, Britain's Road to Socialism, Communists usually call for a Labour vote unless we are standing a candidate ourselves or there is an alternative left candidate with significant local labour movement support to vote for.

We are fully aware that the seat is being contested by George Galloway, former Labour and Respect MP, and we do understand that there will be those who for very understandable and positive reasons will be tempted to vote for him, whether it be his opposition to imperialist military intervention in the Middle East, his support for the Palestinian people (a cause also supported strongly by Gerald Kaufman), opposition to austerity or his support for withdrawal from the European Union.

But the bigger picture is that under Jeremy Corbyn, and with the phenomenal growth of Labour Party membership in support of him and his team, we have the best potential in decades for a Labour government committed to a progressive socialist agenda which rejects austerity, privatisation and racism at home, and imperialism abroad.

Furthermore, Labour’s Afzal Khan has made some strong statements in defence of workers’ rights and had the support at his selection of most of the local trade unions. He also has a strong record of support for the Palestinians and opposed the invasion of Iraq, which did so much to discredit Labour during the Blair years.

Finally, we believe that anything but a strong and decisive vote for Labour in this contest will be used nationally by the right wing inside and outside the Labour Party to escalate their campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

27th March 2017

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Britain's Road to Socialism- Communist Party Meeting Mon 27th March '17

An introduction to our programme-

7pm Friends' Meeting House (behind Manchester Library) 

§     What is socialism and how can it be achieved in Britain?

     What is the relationship between parliament, mass mobilisation and the struggle for popular power?

     How do communists relate to the Labour Party, the trade unions and other mass progressive and working class organisations?

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Commemorate the life of Helen McFarlane Morning Star Fundraising Event Sunday 2nd April 157th year of her death

Organised by Greater Manchester Morning Star Readers' and Supporters' Group.

Helen MacFarlane: 


Meet: Farmers Arms, Marsh Lane, Ravensmoor Nr. Nantwich CW5 8PN 11am 

Walk 1 hour or so to St. Martin's Church CW5 8EY-

Proceeds in her name to Morning Star Fighting Fund

Helen MacFarlane came from a privileged Scottish Mill owning family where her early education would be of benefit to her as time progressed. 

Within weeks of her father’s death the Mill, famous for its Turkey Red bandanas, closed. Within time they left their crescented home.

Helen eventually found herself in Vienna during the revolt against the Habsburgs. Knowing Marx & Engels, her writings were read during the years of the Chartists ( under a nom de plume) in the Red Republican & Democrat papers. 

Helen was very critical of the established church in her early scripts, which would deem to be ironic in later years. Marriage ended in tragedy for Helen, however rebuilding her life would have been challenging. It is recorded (Blue Plaque) as living in Burnley, Lancashire; where at some point she met her future husband a 51 years of age Minister of the established church, who had been widowed with a grown up family. 

Helen , who had visited the major cities of Europe, where she had met the revolutionary thinkers of that time, was brought to a Cheshire “backwater” to be mistress of a huge ministerial home, which is to be seen to this day. 

Helen died at the age of 41 from pneumonia embraced in the arms of the church to-which she had written so critically years previously.

Helen was lost to history, as with many of these revolutionary women of Victorian society until David Black succeeded in locating her resting place. There are no known photographs of her.

Helen  was responsible for translating from the German into English The Communist Manifesto.

A wreath will be laid & dedication will be made at her graveside.

Monday, 13 March 2017

International Brigade Memorial Trust logo


The IBMT’s 2017 Len Crome Memorial Conference:
Liberty's Volunteers: the timeless legacy of the Spanish Civil War
Saturday 18 March 2017, 11am-4pm
Manchester Conference Centre and Pendulum Hotel, Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3BB
10.30am Registration
11am Welcome
11.05am Introduction: Professor Peter Crome
11.15am-12pm International Volunteers: who they were and why they fought fascism in Spain – talk by Dr Richard Baxell (author of ‘Unlikely Warriors: The Extraordinary Story of the Britons who Fought in the Spanish Civil War’ and IBMT Chair)
12pm Lunch / Exhibitions / Stalls
1.30pm Tribute to David Leach by Manus O'Riordan (IBMT Ireland Secretary) followed by David’s film ‘Voices from the Mountain’ 
2.30pm The Legacy of the Spanish Civil War: an echo through the decades – talk by Giles Tremlett, journalist and author of ‘Ghosts of   Spain: Travels through Spain and its Silent Past’
3.30pm Songs from the Mad Donnas 
4pm Close
£15: buffet and entrance (payment in advance by 28 February 2017)
£10: entrance only (payment on the day)
Payment to IBMT by cheque / PayPal / bank transfer to: Charles Jepson, Aysgaard, Beardwood Brow, Blackburn, Lancs BB2 7AT    tel: 01254 51302 email: clarioncc@yahoo.co.uk
For further information on the conference:
Dolores Long 0161 2262013 doloreslong@fastmail.fm
Hilary Jones 01625 527540 hilary.m.jones@btinternet.com
Charles Jepson 01254 51302 clarioncc@yahoo.co.uk

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Communists and the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election

There has been some confusion concerning the position of the Communist Party and the forthcoming Manchester mayoral election.

So to clarify matters:

The Communist Party of Britain are not standing a candidate in this contest for the election of a Greater Manchester Mayor.

The Communist Party still has strong reservations about the whole so called “Devomanc” project, something that was cobbled together largely behind closed doors by a pro-big business clique in Manchester and other Labour-led local authorities in Greater Manchester, and former Tory chancellor George Osborne. Its purpose, for the Tories, was to devolve cuts and austerity, as soon became clear when we saw how much (or little) cash would actually be available. We were at the forefront of opposing this, and respect those in the Labour Party who spoke out against it such as the late Gerald Kaufman, MP for Manchester Gorton.

Nevertheless, the election is now taking place, and Labour's  Andy Burnham has made some strong statements concerning housing/ homelessness, transport, health and other key issues, indicating  a wish to redirect local government policy to work in the interests of the majority, including the poorest. So the Communist Party in Manchester will be taking our usual position where we are not standing a candidate ourselves and will call for a Labour vote.

This does not mean that we believe that Labour should be given a blank cheque. Andy Burnham, if elected, should be given full backing to ensure that Greater Manchester gets the resources that are necessary to provide the services and create the decent jobs and homes that the people need. This will need significant mobilisation by the labour and trade union movement and working class people as a whole in popular campaigns. And he should be held to account if he fails to live up to his promises.

The Communist Party calls for a People’s Devolution, just as we call for a People’s Brexit.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Centenary of the February Revolution

The party will be holding a meeting this Monday the 27th February 2017 at 7pm to discuss the impact of the February revolution had on the people of Russia and how it led to the subsequent October revolution only a few months later.